Printed Clothing Plymouth

Printed Clothing Plymouth

Whether you want to promote your business, a sports team, or even just a specific event, there’s no better way to do it than with printed clothing. At Omega Print & Signs, we make your custom clothing experience as easy as possible from start to finish.

We’re currently celebrating our 20th year in business, and we like to think we’ve only gotten more cutting-edge throughout that time, especially when it comes to our printed clothing capabilities. So, no matter what your needs may be, we can take care of them for you.

What’s the Printed Clothing Process?
We’re always happy to see smiling faces and have a chat with our customers. But, if you want to order customized clothing from the comfort of your own home, you absolutely can!

From our website, you can check out our free online designer tool. It allows you to find different clothing items to choose from, so you can select t-shirts, hats, or anything else your business or event might need for self-promotion.

If you’ve got a creative touch, you have the ability to completely design your clothing from scratch. Or, you can simply drop in your company logo, and we’ll deliver your items straight to your door. If you’re not sure where to get started with your artwork, the design tool also features a variety of different clip art pieces and other designs that can offer you some inspiration.

Is Printed Clothing Effective for Promotion?
People see thousands of advertisements each day, so it’s important for businesses to think outside the box when it comes to promotional items. Clothing is a great way to get a product, business or event noticed because people aren’t expecting to see some type of advertisement on a t-shirt. So, even if you simply walk by wearing your promotional piece of clothing, you’re far more likely to get noticed than a billboard.

Plus, printed clothing is a more cost-effective way to get your message to the masses. Clothing lasts for a long time, so even if you’re promoting a specific event, wearing your promotional clothing for years to come will, at the very least, remind people of your business or spark curiosity.

Finally, printed clothing can be used for so many different things. It’s even a great promotional tool to use at trade shows for giveaways. No one wants to take a billboard home! But, giving someone a free t-shirt with your business’ name or slogan on it will remind them of your products or service whenever they put it on. Simply put, it’s the promotional item that never quits working for you, even long after it’s printed.

If you’re interested in learning more about our printed clothing options, the process we use, and what you can expect, feel free to contact us today. As stated above, we’re always happy to help our customers in person and guide you through the entire process. We have a strong dedication to quality and customer service, so let us show you just what we can do to make your printed clothing experience as stress-free as possible.